Maracaibo, Venezuela






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For these offices located in Maracaibo, Venezuela, we worked with the concept of the interconnected fluidity of open spaces. With the use of materials and lighting it is possible to maintain both an open and integrating feeling, and the privacy of the different areas alike.

The hierarchy of access is achieved in opposition to the concept. The user is welcomed by an object that breaks the continuity and gives way to it. Thus, a thick frame of alucobond conforms the entrance volume which is then broken by the cube that houses the guest restroom and lines that integrate that access to the protagonist space: the meeting room.
This room is the heart of these offices, contained in tempered glass, crossed by lines that emerge from the wall of the reception, which fold and run horizontally until folded back and down the multimedia wall of the meeting room.
In terms of construction, said lines resulted in long profiles coated wenge laminate, with necessary gaps between each profile to allow sound, lighting and air conditioning of the room.
We also took advantage of the modulation of the alucobond frame for access to allow passage to the AC.

A continuous strip of travertine marble runs around the perimeter, thus achieving the connection of horizontal space, respecting human scale. Concerning the ceilings and lighting, it was decided to leave the original height of the premises and its structure painted in black, and invade each private space with floating white planes that illuminate each space with stripes of light.
The lighting of connecting spaces also highlights the continuity and linearity that give order to this project.