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In this room, we achieve a youthful and contemporary look. The focal point of the bed is virtually framed by a black steel beam that dialogues with the blackboard and fulfills multiple functions: to scale the room that has a gable roof with a generous height, allow the installation of the armchair / swing and serve as an element to interlace the pink gold wires of the vintage lamps that are arranged on the bed.

The mirror doors of the closet in addition to achieving amplitude, give the room a sophisticated and clean effect. The head of the bed was designed to occupy the entire wall and allow to place decorative objects on it (in the thickness of the entire headboard), inside it (in the left niche) and through it (on the table hung on it ).

The most significant intention of this proposal was achieved by involving personalized arts on the walls that included, photographs taken in composition, digital art and illustrations made by petitdual especially for this  client.




Maracaibo, Venezuela