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Architecture and interior architecture project, taking advantage of the existing structure and adding new structure to achieve new spatial qualities and new residential and recreational areas for the family.
The existing two-story house had a linear layout of consecutive areas closed to the exterior. The new proposal reuses the structure and manages to open to the outside and generate an integrated, connected and fluid housing, with visuals to the new proposed swimming pool.

An effect of lightness is achieved by giving the second floor materiality of clean volume, on a glazed ground floor that camouflages its structure inside it or fading it by making it part of an element of the composition.
It takes advantage of the existing staircase, previously enclosed, and becomes part of a new scheme of integration of the social space through linear elements that cross the space. Internal gardens are interspersed to pause the undeniable expanse of space.

Other breaks to this linearity are also achieved with the enveloping effect of the ceiling that leaves from the studio and ends as a floating plane of the space for wines, and the structure that forms the multifunction roof of the social area of ​​the pool. On the second floor, the inclusion of terraces decompresses the volume and denote contemporaneity to the facades.




Maracaibo, Venezuela



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